Lab News (click here for archived news)

  • [new!] Xiao Yang has been awarded an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for her dissertation project titled "Examining the linguistic cues that guide prediction in the processing of Mandarin relative clauses: An ERP study", co-PIed with Utako Minai, Drs. Robert Fiorentino and Alison Gabriele (KU Linguistics). (March, 2019)
  • [new!] Utako Minai has been awarded a grant from the Rice Child Language Doctoral Program Fund, established by Dr. Mabel Rice (Distinguished Professor at KU's Child Language Doctoral Program). The grant supports a collaborative project with lab members, Erin Andres, Claire Selin and Tingting Wang, which is on children's quantifier comprehension and the role of their cognitive development. (January, 2019)
  • [new!] Xiao Yang and Utako Minai has published a co-authored article titled "Context-sensitivity and individual differences in the derivation of scalar implicature" with Dr. Robert Fiorentino (KU Linguistics) in Frontiers in Psychology. (November, 2018)
  • A former lab member Chia-Ying Chu (Children's Hearing Center, Taiwan) and Utako Minai published an article "Children's demonstrative comprehension and the role of non-linguistic cognitive abilities: a cross-linguistic study" in the Special Issue of Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, "Experimental Approaches to the Study of Child Language: A Cross-linguistic Perspective". (November, 2018)
  • A former lab member Lauren Covey (Montclair State U.) and Utako Minai published an article "An eye-tracking study examining the role of question-answer congruency in children's comprehension of only: a preliminary report" in Kansas Working paper in Linguistics Volume 39 with Dr. Kate Coughlin (KU Linguistics). (October, 2018)
  • Utako Minai delivered two invited talks in Japan: Invited symposium on syntax and semantics in child language acquisition at the Japanese Society for Language Sciences 20th Annual International Conference (JSLS2018) held at Bunkyo Gakuin University, and the 8th international workshop on comparative syntax and language acquisition at Nanzan University. (August, 2018)
  • A former lab member Breanna Krueger (U. of Wyoming) and Utako Minai published an article "The influence of misarticulations on children's word identification and processing" in Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, with Dr. Holly Storkel (KU Speech-Language-Hearing). (March, 2018)
  • Lauren Covey, Xiao Yang, Alex Vogt-Woodin and Utako Minai presented a poster "Examining the role of pragmatics during children's comprehension of only: An eye-tracking study" at the 42nd Boston University Conference on Language Development, with Dr. Kate Coughlin (KU Linguistics & Life Span Institute), Dr. Cynthia Siew (University of Warwick), Teresa Girolamo (KU Child Language Doctoral Program) and Ivonne Weyers (University of Bonn). (November, 2017)
  • Utako Minai's study on fetal language development (collaboration with Drs. Kathleen Gustafson, Robert Fiorentino, Allard Jongman and Joan Sereno) has been introduced in the KU News. (July, 2017)
    • Utako Minai has published an article "Fetal rhythm-based language discrimination: A biomagnetometry study" in NeuroReport, with Drs. Kathleen Gustafson (KUMC), Robert Fiorentino (KU Linguistics), Allard Jongman (KU Linguistics) and Joan Sereno (KU Linguistics). (July, 2017)
  • Utako Minai and Naoko Nadtochiy's article titled "Native and non-native comprehension of the Japanese existential quantifier nanko-ka" will appear in the edited volume Studies in Chinese and Japanese Language Acquisition: In Honor of Stephen Crain (Nakayama, M. & Su, Y.-C., eds., John Benjamins, to be published in July, 2017).