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  • Utako Minai's study on fetal language development (collaboration with Drs. Kathleen Gustafson, Robert Fiorentino, Allard Jongman and Joan Sereno) has been introduced in the KU News. (July, 2017)
    • Utako Minai has published an article "Fetal rhythm-based language discrimination: A biomagnetometry study" in NeuroReport, with Drs. Kathleen Gustafson (KUMC), Robert Fiorentino (KU Linguistics), Allard Jongman (KU Linguistics) and Joan Sereno (KU Linguistics). (July, 2017)
  • Utako Minai and Naoko Nadtochiy's article titled "Native and non-native comprehension of the Japanese existential quantifier nanko-ka" will appear in the edited volume Studies in Chinese and Japanese Language Acquisition: In Honor of Stephen Crain (Nakayama, M. & Su, Y.-C., eds., John Benjamins, to be published in July, 2017).