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  • [new!] Xiao Yang and Utako Minai has an abstract accepted for a poster presentation at the 30th CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing with Dr. Robert Fiorentino (KU Linguistics). (January, 2017)
  • [new!] Patrick Connelly and Utako Minai will publish an aritlce "Comprehension of mimetics by adult native speakers of Japanese" in Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics, with Dr. Alison Gabriele (KU Linguistics). (December, 2016)
  • [new!] Utako Minai has been awarded a 2016-2017 General Research Fund grant for her new project on children's comprehension of focus expression.
  • Utako Minai and Adrienne Johnson (Missouri Western State University) published a journalarticle "Children’s knowledge of structure-dependent semantic interactions between logical words" in Language Acquisition (August, 2016).
  • Patrick Connelly has been awarded the Distinguished Linguistics Major Award for the 2015-2016 academic year. This award recognizes an undergraduate major who stands out as a distinguished young linguist with the outstanding academic record and the exceptional scholarship in Linguistics. (May 5th, 2016)
  • Lauren Covey has been awarded the Frances Ingemann Scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year. This award, endowed by the founder of the Linguistics Department Dr. Frances Ingemann, is given annually to an outstanding graduate student and considered the highest honor for Linguistics graduate students. (March 25th, 2016)
  • Utako Minai and Chia-Ying Chu (National Taiwan Normal University) had a poster (title: "Semantics facilitates children’s pragmatic processing: Chinese-speaking children’s use of semantics") accepted for presentation at the XPRAG Workshop on the Role of Pragmatic Factors in Child Language Processing, to be held in Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, in May, 2016.
  • Alex Vogt-Woodin, Adrienne Johnson and Utako Minai presented a talk titled "Preschool children's sensitivity to non-local structural dependencies between logical words” at the 40th Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD 40) in November, 2015.
  • Breanna Krueger and Utako Minai presented at poster "A comparative analysis of two tools for measuring children's word processing: mouse tracker & eye-tracking." with Dr. Holly Storkel (KU Speech-Language-Hearing) at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) 2015 Annual Convention in November, 2015.
  • Utako Minai presented a poster titled "Assessing pre-natal rhythm-based discrimination of language by fetal magnetocardiography (fMCG)", with Dr. Kathleen Gustafson (KUMC), Dr. Robert Fiorentino, Dr. Allard Jongman and Dr. Joan Sereno (KU Linguistics) at Society for Neuroscience of Language 2015 Annual Meeting in October, 2015.
  • Utako Minai and Naoko Nadtochiy's article titled “Native and non-native comprehension of the Japanese existential quantifier nanko-ka.” will appear in Studies in Chinese and Japanese Language Acquisition: In Honor of Stephen Crain (Nakayama, M. & Su, Y.-C., eds., John Benjamins).
  • Joleen Chu and Utako Minai presented a paper titled "The interplay between demonstrative comprehension and cognitive development: a cross-linguistic investigation" at the Symposium on Syntactic, Semantic and Communicative Development at the 2015 International Conference on Applied Linguistics, held at the National Chiayi University, Taiwan. (May 30th, 2015)
  • Utako Minai published an article "Morphological decomposition in de-adjectival nominal in Japanese: masked and overt priming evidence." in Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, with Dr. Robert Fiorentino (KU Linguistics: Neurolinguistics and Language Procesing Lab) and Dr. Yuka Naito-Billen (KU East Asian Languages and Cultures). (April 6th, 2015)
  • Utako Minai and Yi-Chih Chan (Children's Hearing Foundation, Taiwan) presented a poster “Universal quantifier comprehension, visual information and the development of executive function” at the SRCD Biennial Meeting 2015 (March 21, 2015)
  • Utako Minai published an article "Acquisition and use of linguistic knowledge: scrambling in child Japanese as a test case" in Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, with Dr. Miwa Isobe (Tokyo University of the Arts) and Dr. Reiko Okabe (Nihon University). (January 31, 2015)